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Top 10 Rockabilly Movies.

The Top 10 Rockabilly Movies we think, if you agree, Disagree or movies that should be Included – comment Below.

10. Cry Baby

cry baby

Johnny Depp as Wade, as one of the most popular guys in high school and the magic of him to appear to shed a single tear really gets the girls going. When the single beautiful bookwork Allison can’t resist either she soon enters the word of rockabilly and fast driving cars. WATCH IT HERE

9. The Wanderers.

the wanderers

Im a type of guy that never settles down, woohooo I’m a wanderer i’m a wanderer…. A great film at The high school scene of the Bronx in the rockabilly age where gangs music and society was a little different then. Probably a more serious film. WATCH IT HERE

8. La Bamba
la bamba

The film biography of Ritchie Valens, a really young and talented half mexican and american who shot to stardom at a very young age. As a very talented rock n roll singer that made him reach the stars from working on a dead end job in a farm. His music today is still played and its a tragedy to what happened to him at a very young age as well. WATCH IT HERE

7. 3000 miles to graceland
3000 miles to graceland

Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell Star in this epic crime and drama, With the help of Elvis!!! Is defo a must see and very funny at times. WATCH IT HERE

6. Walk the Line
Walk The Line

Us biographical drama film that spans the early life and career of country music artist Johnny Cash. The film has brilliant music and really is tense sometimes. A great film – I walk the Line. WATCH IT HERE

5.Bubba Ho-Tep
bubba ho tep

Really dont know if you can class this as a real rockabilly film but I love it, its a black comedy that is so done really well. Elvis (Bruce Campbell) and JFK, That are both ALIVE (yes you heard me, they’re not crazy at all) and in a nursing home, fight for the souls of their fellow residents as they battle an ancient Egyptian Mummy. WATCH IT HERE

4. Rebel Without a Cause.
rebel without a cause

Marked as one of the best Films of James Deans Career – A rebellious young man that has a troubled past comes to a very new town, finding new lovers, new friends and very new enemies! one of the Top 10 Rockabilly Movies greats. WATCH IT HERE

3. Viva Las vegas.
viva las vegas

We really couldn’t have a rockabilly list without the king and we think Viva Las Vegas is hes damn right best(our opinion only) movie ever.- A very exciting Race car driver “Lucky Jackson” Working as a waiter in las vegas to pay for his new car falls in love with the young Rusty Martin. WATCH IT HERE

2. Roadracers.

A rocker that has to confront his ways with thugs,knives and gangs and the horrible town sheriff. great film. WATCH IT HERE

1. Grease.
What guy or girl does not love this film? A bloody classic with an amazing cast, great songs and all a amazing feel good film of teens, love, school in the old fashioned 50s. WATCH IT HERE



So there you have it, Our Top 10 Rockabilly Movies , Agree Disagree. Comment Below!

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