The fashion industry has gradually changed over the years. New trends have emerged showing us how dynamic the fashion industry can be. Fashion Trent from boho, vintage, pin-up and rockabilly.

Am sure you have come across these phrases across the store in the streets. What is rockabilly pin-up girls? Rockabilly and pin-up style may seem like two different styles but when blended together, they beautifully inter-marry with each other.

Pin-up main focus is on light makeup, red lipstick and beautiful dresses where models pose in a sexy way. Due to changes in the industry, it brought about the rockabilly. This style was dynamic in nature and it has evolved to date. Now rockabilly girls have tattoos, are more creepy, wear black and red dresses and wear different hair colors. Rockabilly can be categorized into 3 main features.

In terms of hairstyle

Rockabilly hairstyle is very attractive and clean. The hairstyle can be supplemented with a head scarf, hat, net veil, ribbon or flowers.

The most popular rockabilly hairstyles are; a pinned bob, victory rolls up-do, long hair with dynamic bangs, curled ends with a high bang and curly horns.

A good example can be Adele. She is a female musician and a role model to many. Her style is very dynamic, clean and always standing out with her blonde hair.

Nicki Minaj on the other hand prefers her hair coloured. She loves to play with colours when it comes to her hairstyles; pink, blue, red, purple, black and maroon. She never disappoints on the red carpet, her music videos and on her social media handles while showing her rockabilly hairstyle.


Can short hair rock the rockabilly style? If you are asking yourself this question, the answer should be a ‘yes’. Pink is a female musician and she always rocks with her short hair on the sides but beautifully made top to rock the rockabilly hairstyle.

In terms of makeup

Rockabilly is classy, simple yet very complex and very feminine. Its main focus is lips and eyes.

The eye makeup should be strong, shouting and the lips should be red shade.

In this case, Keira Knightley always makes a statement when it comes to makeup. She is a British actress and her makeup is always on point. Her red shade Lips and makeup can flatter any man that closes her.

Both Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Use Rockabilly Make-up

Below are some of the celebrities with rockabilly style of makeup; Elizabeth Taylor (actress), Marilyn Monroe (The Best 8 Movies Of Marilyn Monroe) and Taylor shift (musician). Their makeup represents their personalities and independent women in society.

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In terms of clothing

Celebrities use style to remind us how dynamic the fashion industry can be. It is not a surprise to see boys pinning pictures of their favourite pin-up girl in their lockers and rooms.

Glamorous and beautiful women dressing to impress and to represent what they believe in.

Beyoncé clothing is always on point from 90’ rockabilly to the modern rockabilly dresses, she always dresses to impress and she never disappoints. Taylor shift, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez this ladies rockabillies are on another lever.

Rockabilly pin-up girls style will be around forever and we love them!