Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles, Most Used in the ’50s

Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles, Most Used in the ’50s

Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles:- Nothing better than the era of the 50s to get inspired by for rockabilly hairstyles. And not just one, but there are many rockabilly hairstyles to choose from.

These hairstyles are also known as greaser styles. They have been coming back to the fashion scene in the last few years. So let’s go through the best of these hairstyles, one by one. Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles:-

The Pompadour

men's rockabilly hairstyles the pompadour
The pompadour

The pompadour is one of the most popular rockabilly hairstyles of the 50s. The sleek-back look ultimately reminds me of the iconic Elvis Presley. With this look, hair in the middle section is completely rolled and slicked back from the front. The sides are also slicked back in both the left and the right sections. Hence, not even a single hair is allowed to fall out of place.

The Slick Back

the slick back

This hairstyle is quite the same as the pompadour. Except for the fact that it is not completely slicked back. With this classic slick back look, a bit of hair is left to stand from the front. This means that although the hair is slicked back just like the pompadour, it is allowed to lift a bit. The lifted part is in the middle section of the hair from the forehead, right in the front.

The Comb Over

Rockabilly Hairstyles That Men Used in the '50s the comb over
the comb over – mens rockabilly hairstyles

Another prominent style that could be seen quite a lot in the older era. With this style, all you have to do is comb your hair toward one side. This could be either the left or the right. Whatever works the best for you. But mostly, the hair is combed toward the right. This allows for a side-part to show on the left side of your head.

The Greaser Hard-Part Look

Greaser Hard-Part Look

Fade cuts have been very popular among young men. A hard-part greaser can look very vintage. But if you love something more modern, then you can combine the hard-part rockabilly look. The fade cut can come slightly on the edges of the face, near the ears.

The Flop

The Flop

This rockabilly hairstyle allows a few strands of your hair to fall freely on your forehead. You can add grease to make them stay in place. But it is better if you leave the hair to ‘flop’ around. This is exactly what this look is all about.

The Jelly Roll

The Jelly Roll

The jelly roll is that rockabilly hairstyle that adds a slight twist to the usual slick ones. From the sides, the hair is taken back. A side-part is done in the mid-section of the hair. This can be a bit biased toward the right too. From one of the sections, curls are made. A few curls are allowed to rest on the forehead in the front.

There are many more men’s rockabilly hairstyles from the 50s. All these styles have been coming back in trends lately. You can even combine them with a few of your touches.

For instance, the entire look can change if your hairstyle is wavy or if you style in that manner. Make sure to try out these few best classic men’s rockabilly hairstyles from the 50s.