A Little History Of Rockabilly Musicians 1950s Culture.

A Little History Of Rockabilly Musicians 1950s Culture.

A brief History of time:- Rockabilly Musicians

In music, there is an infinite number of different genres and although people think that everything has already been invented, new styles are still being created, new sub-genres that bring new artists and everything starts again.

There are also genres that have managed to remain over time, even if in a humble way, through the decades. Rockabilly is one of them, which is considered as more of a lifestyle than a simple music genre because rockabilly lovers were rockabillies forever.

Rockabilly Musicians

When rockabilly became so popular in the late 50’s it was not only because of the music but also because of the look of its main exponents.

Young, male singers, with tight clothes, leather jackets and tight jeans, with toupee hair and a rebellious and non-conformist attitude that soon spread throughout the United States, becoming a real fever that made many convert to this style not only as music

but as a way of life.

The true golden age of rockabilly is in the 50’s when rock and roll had become much more intense and youth was looking for strong emotions.

They were called the Greaser generation, and you can see it perfectly in that movie from the 80s with John Travolta making the perfect rockabilly. (In the film grease)

When talking about great artists, Bill Halley is usually named as the precursor of the rockabilly movement, although it is true that it was Elvis Presley who gave it the greatest fame, using blues tessituras in faster tempos, typical of hillbilly.

Elvis – Rockabilly legend

The King is considered one of the greatest rockabilly stars in history, along with Carl Perkins, who for many is the true father of the movement.

However, both artists took other paths, later on, leaving only one star in the firmament of this sub-genre, the unforgettable Johnny Cash.

In fact, if today’s rockabilly has a reference, that is the author of Ring of Fire, whose music allowed this style to continue for a few more years until its decline during the 60s.

In 1955 Bill Haley, who had already been doing a mix of electrified Country with Blues, achieved his biggest success when his song Rock Around The Clock (recorded in New York on April 12, 1954) brought Rockabilly to the big screen in the movie” Blackboard Jungle”.

On the other hand, songs like Mystery Train, Good Rockin’ Tonight, Baby Let’s Play House are part of the immense legacy that Elvis left to Rockabilly.

If we want an even wilder Rockabilly, we can listen to Eddie Cochran, one of the first guitarists to compose and sing his own material and an innovator in the studio who used the overdubbing technique when he was barely known in rock.

gene vincent
Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent, on the other hand, embodied the most lustful, wild and lower class fraction of the music. Despite getting only one really big hit with Be Bop A Lula, Vincent with his Blue Caps recorded some of the best exponents of what is called Rockabilly that assured him his place as one of the great rockers of all time.

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