5 Easy Tips To Do Rockabilly Makeup With Ease

5 Easy Tips To Do Rockabilly Makeup With Ease

5 easy tips to do rockabilly makeup:

Have you ever caught yourself in confusion on what makeup look should you do on a special occasion? When you find yourself in the haunt of something classic, beautiful, and timeless, just go with rockabilly makeup.

Rockabilly makeup being a vintage glam look is a must-try! The most defining element about rockabilly makeup is it’s 50’s feminine look, which will always be a head-turner.

We have seen this look going over since the old-Hollywood times. You can rock this makeup look anywhere from a prom night to a formal function. If you do it the right way, all eyes will be on you!

There is not so much going on for this makeup look, and it is easy to achieve, but not everyone can do that. Keeping up with its true vintage glam is the most challenging part. But worry no more as we have made the challenge pretty easy!

Here we’ll be sharing 5 easy tips on how to do a perfect rockabilly makeup look.

5 Easy Tips To Do Rockabilly Makeup With Ease
The right way to look – Rockabilly makeup

The Base

Just like any other makeup look, we’ll start off with the base. Your skin is like an empty canvas. You have to make sure it’s all smooth and nice before starting our rockabilly makeup.

And the key to a smooth base is good skin. Never neglect your skin now and then and always try to follow proper skincare.

Now, start your look by moisturizing your face. Always choose a moisturizer based on your skin type. It will help primer work better and result in smooth foundation blending.

The next step is the primer, always use a primer to ensure smoothing out open pore and scars. It also makes a protective layer between your face and makeup and helps stay it on for a longer time.

Once you are done with preparing the base of rockabilly makeup, It is time to apply your favourite foundation. You can use any medium to full coverage foundation.

Highlight and Contour

Rockabilly Makeup Tips

As we have mentioned earlier, it’s a 50’s vintage-inspired look, and you may have an idea that the main factor of this look will be contouring and highlighting. You cannot achieve a perfect rockabilly look without on-point contouring and highlighting.

So, make sure you beautifully shape your face by making your cheekbones and jawline prominent. And don’t forget to add a glowing highlight right in the place.

Blush up

Add some blush around the cheekbones in light strokes. This shall help you to build up a really nice yet strong blush up.

When applying blush, make strokes towards the ear, putting blush between the contouring. This will add up more to your shaped face. The rockabilly look demands a little bit more blush than your usual makeup looks. Hence make sure you don’t apply blush in a typical manner.

Get your eyes done

Rockabilly makeup features a subtle eye look. You aren’t going with a lot of popping glitters here. But don’t get it wrong, you still have to maintain that glam.

It’s not that difficult, just use some metallic shades to the crease of your eyes and pair it up with highlighting the brow bone and finally setting the eyelid and outer-V with a nude shade.

Now complete your rockabilly makeup look with a matte jet black cat eyeliner and filling your lower lash line with a black pencil. Just smudge it around the outer-V to give a little bit smoky look.

Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick is A must

Here comes the showstopper of our whole rockabilly makeup look. Adding red lipstick just makes everything go with each other beautifully. Just make sure you pick up the right red lipstick shade and this will do magic to an already wonderful rockabilly makeup look.

We hope you found this article useful and are ready to have multiple heads turned towards you the next time you try out the rockabilly makeup look.

We look forward to hearing from you guys if these 5 Easy Tips To Do Rockabilly Makeup With Ease worked for you!