10 Vintage Bathing Suit Styles You Can Buy Today, 4th ones the best.

10 Vintage Bathing Suit Styles You Can Buy Today, 4th ones the best.

Vintage Bathing Suit Styles You Can Buy Today!

We are taking a look at inspiring retro swimsuits that made all the vintage era in awe, yes today’s bathing suits and fashion are amazing but real fashion started a long long time ago!

We will be looking at Vintage Bathing Suit Styles that you will see today at the beach but you will see where they come from especially the rock and roll era (which we love by the way, if you didn’t guess)

If your into fashion and you should be as your here, we will go through the evolution of the the swimsuits.

The 1910’s Swimsuits

Almost fully clothed

Over 110 years ago, these bathing suits were so unrealistic to what people would women would wear today. The only body skin that would show is basically the arms, lower thighs and shins. Sex appeal for the lady would be almost a flat 0, no matter how good she looked.

1930’s Bathing Suits

1930s Swimwear, well look at you

Say hello to the arms, neck and even better – legs! The bathing suits era that started a bit more sex appeal for women. Swimwear was starting to get cut shorter especially for the leg region. Maybe this is was when suntan lotion really became available.

1940s Bathing Suits

No Proper bikinis just yet in the 40’s

The era where Marilyn Monroe Superstar Movie Actress started to become a global icon through her movies and photoshoots on the beach. More skin appeared on the ladies and usually high waisted and such a simple halter combined to look great and comfortable for the ladies.

Usually with a v-neck to show a tiny bit of cleavage, this suits started to make men drool stupidly like dogs.

1950’s Swimwear

The curvy look

The bikinis started to come out in around 1947 but what you can clearly see here is the new fashion trends of the Skirt swimsuit. The old fashioned people really did not like the Bikini and craved for women to be locked up more on the beach.

The new style of swimsuit did that, covered up the main parts yets secretly put in bra cups to make breasts look larger and firmer, maybe creating another political view. Also, bright colours were started to be put into the designs.

1960s Bathing suit styles

1960s started to bloom

The 1960s swimwear fashion started to have lots of different styles. From supportive strapless bras, high waisted bottoms, the madras, y-neck halter, slim styles started to become more popular as well as the bikinis becoming smaller and smaller.

1970s Swimsuit styles

far out man!

The 70s was inspired by drugs, chilled out people and surfing. No wonder we had some awesome psychedelic colours on the bathing suit ranges. The Hip halter was also very fashionable then and would not look out of place on the 2021 beaches.

Very skimpy bikinis were started to be worn be even teenage girls while wearing huge sunglasses to people spy.

1980’s Swimsuit styles

stronger colours

The 1980s bathing suit ranges started to really have better quality materials so designers can use stronger colours in them. Different styles become available like the deep plunging V-line that was commonly used by gifted women.

1990’s Swimwear

1990s, stuck up snobbery

The 1990’s bathing suits saw a lot of very different designs. These new designs were getting just as competitive as dresses on the catwalk. People started to stick there noses up more than ever on the beach as they would look down onto people who couldn’t afford designer swimwear.


With many, many fantastic styles that have come over the years, we like the 1950s the best (and of course we would), were not biassed whatsoever ;-). So where can you get all these styles and more?

Carry on reading.

Where Can I Get Vintage Bathing Suit Styles To Buy Today?

That depends on you really, if you have money to spend and want the best in vintage fashion, then we really recommend you go to bikini.com where they have all today’s top brands and brilliant sets of vintage swimsuits from the 40’s upwards.

A quick look at Bikini.com stunning Vintage lines

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Cheaper alternatives.

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives and can wait a few days more in delivery then we recommend Cupshe.com. They were originally based in China but have lines now in the states. You can find out more about this company over at a Cupshe Reviews here.

You can buy lots of Vintage Bathing Suit Styles at least HALF the price, if not more than the previously mentioned. They specialise in good swimwear ranges that everybody can afford and the quality is not bad either.

Example of Cupshe Vintage Deep Plunge Swimsuits.

They also have lots and lots of retro-inspired bathing suits and We are sure you will find the ones that suit your need.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this fun Vintage Bathing Suit Styles article and hope you get inspired by the old era next time you go to the beach. Rockabilly Rules.